Our Vision

ImageSince the time of Thoreau, the image of the farm has been one of a poetic, almost magical place where generations co-exist with nature. It is a diverse, natural world with a sense of peace, a sense of place, and a connection to time.

Montgomery Farm is such a place. For decades it has been a haven for those who owned it – a place to be one with nature. Now, it is time to share this refuge with others and do so in a manner that will be environmentally responsible while preserving the inherent natural beauty of the land.



The Master Plan is a graphical representation showing how all the elements of Montgomery Farm are interconnected. This PDF file is 4MB in size and will require time to download.      
The Pattern book documents the foundation upon which Montgomery Farm has been created and the principles by which it will be developed. It is the result of years of thoughtful planning and design. This PDF is 192kB in size.
Image Download the Master Plan    ImageDownload the Pattern Book